Monday, June 15, 2009

Women and Star Trek.

1.This specific reading deals with the understanding of Star Trek, the idea of a real fan and and how one's life becomes if you are a real fine, and the stereotypes of that particular fan, this reading particularly deals with women and the fan fascination of writing their own stories about Star trek. However, we have to look at one thing, what does it truly mean to be involved with trekfandom?

2.I think after learning the meaning of trekfandom we will now beging to understand the article more, and the world in which the subjects interview live in, and create. Do you think a women's background can truly depict if they are a star trek fan, is there only one certain type of fan, the lonely and the nonsocial?

3. What are fanzines? Do you think it is unjustified work to that of the Original Star Trek writings, should it not be allowed. Star Trek isn't the only franchise that fans have rewritten in their own blogs, creating their own versions of the story, Harry Potter is also a well known franchise as well. Do you think fans shouldn't be allowed to write their own versions, their own fanzines?

4. According to the reading, why are women seen more likely to creat fan writing then men are? Do you think this is true? Are women more creative, or do they tend to get more involved with the fantasies in which they grow perhaps obsessions to?

5. Why is there such the standard that women shouldn't write fanzines about science fiction movies or novels? How has this changed, has it changed?

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