Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why don't you act your color?

1. This article is based on the representation and imitation of another's color between young girls. Do you think that this same concept and study could be similar in representation between different classes not just race? For example can you think of any times when a young girl is trying to act another class level (upper class, middle class, lower class) based on the ideas of that class thought some type of media. (little girl acting like she is rich with lots of money when she isn't)

2. I find the contradiction between what kids are thought of as by other based on their interest in a particular music to be interesting. In the article Tracy talks about how the white girl is considered stuck up because she doesn't like rap or hip-hop but on the other hand if she did like it she would be told to act her own color. Will there ever be a happy medium or will kids always being trying to criticize each other's identity choices even at such a young age?

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