Sunday, June 7, 2009

Readings for Monday 6/8

Seiter, Chapter 3

1.) When the researcher becomes so close with his/her subjects, can they truley be objective in their study?

2.) "Lesley offered up an extremely negative opinion of television viewing as an addiction, as a mindless, passive activity-and was simultaneously very frank about television viewing being something she very much likes to do" (39). Isn't is funny how we can be so critical of something, like lesley is with television, but still participates in this same activity she is speaks so negatively about?

Seiter, Chapter 4

1.) I can understand this school banning these popular videos and films from the classroom, but doesn't it seem that forbidding any talk or play of such might be a little too controlling over these children?

2.) I like that fact that the Montessori school requires parents to attend a meeting before the school year begins and is really involved in the children's lives as well as keeps close contact with the parents. Does anyone else agree that this type of involvement should really be implemented in other educational institutions greatly benefiting the children?

Seiter, Chaper 5

1.) "In the latest version, he wears symbolic jewelery, including a necklace of rings and articles of clothing that hint at his 'sexual preference". He might not be into Barbie at all, if you know what I mean" (93). So, are they saying a person's clothing and accessories make up their sexual orientation? (ridiculous) I don't think this is a statement anyone should offer as a teaching to others.

2.) A couple times throughout this chapter, the idea was brought up of how easily it was to turn to television as entertainment, especially when times are hard and incomes are low. "...because incomes were low, most people were house-bound with little but TV to turn to for recreation" (103). How do they draw the line which television programs are suitable and which are inappropriate when they are put in a position to find a cheap form of entertainment?

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