Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Readings 6/4

Wrestling with the Web

1. The artcile states that these young boys would race to the computer lab after school to watch wrestling on the web. My first thought was why aren't the schools blocking such violent content?

2. Young boys always wrestle with eachother as a form of play. If the majority of these boys think the wrestling they watch on tv is fake, whos to say that they aren't going to pick up a chair and smash it over their friends head, because "it's fake"?

Menace II Society

1. Caryon felt a connection to the main character in the movie Menace II Society. Did he commit all those crimes to keep that sense of closeness and belonging to this character? Or did he commit those crimes to live up to the "thug life" expectations?

2. With no other parental figures in Caryon's life, did the media become is only parent? With a low IQ and no one else to look up to, he resorted to the only influence he had access to.

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