Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fantasy Football: Readings for 6/17

1. What do you think is the typical fantasy football participant? Thea article discusses how an average fantasy league participant has spent $154 on sporting merchandise, ie. magazines, the fees. What draws fantasy league players together, why do you think a majority of these members are members are males, what is the appeal?

2.Why do you think the author saw this as an interesting type of research to conduct? He states he put open ended questions on a chat board, asking why they participated in this and so on? This isn't relatively new, but it has taken on a much bigger meaning now, then it has before, do you think that this research gives insight to the idea behind fantasy leagues?

3. He says that fantasy football was chosen as the examplar among sports because 93% of fantasy sports participants play it. Why do you think fantasy leagues tend to veer more towards football, is it because interaction can be higher, and football is rowdier?

4. It's interesting to see that many of the men in this research joined the league for social reasons, and others for organizational reasons. Do you think that's interesting, seeing how we have read other researches where the women did certain things to be social or to develop relatinoships?

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