Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1. In this reasearch, Oprah claims that she was racially dicriminated agains in a high end retail store when wanting to purchase a purse for her friends birthday. The store was closing for a private event. Do you think this is racial discrimination, or was the store simply closing, could it have been a situation where Oprah believes because she is a star that there should be special treatment? Would the response be the same if you asked one white person and one black person this question or would it be different opions if so why do you think? Because these chats are in a black salon, would the reactions differ in a white salon?

2. This is a great example of ethnography, but connecting this to chapter five, could we say that this would satisfy reliablility if conducted again with a different group of people, or even ethincity? Would it still mean the same type of research if you conducted in a white setting instead of a black setting, different responses? Why do you think that this couldn't be seen as a reliable source if you think it isn't, if you think it is why?

3. The reaction to Hurrican Katrina in this Salon "gave much needed levity to a very intense and sad time." How in this research is this unusual, this response gives a unusual take to the reaction of Hurricane Katrina, how would you feel about that response, does your color hold any reasons for how you would respond?

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