Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chapter 4: Lay Theories of Media Effects

1. At the Montessori Pre-school, Sara forbids showing any type of media that does not serve an educational purpose. She even excludes Disney feature films and shows such as Sesame Street that we may normally deem appropriate for children’s viewing. Do you think that because of these bans, children are not receiving an accurate or realistic view of the world? How might these restrictions alter a child’s perception of reality?

2. On page 64, Seiter states that Sara has stiff rules in regard to her feelings about television. These include: “No talk about television on the playground, no television play, conversations with her about television programmes are discouraged, clothing with media characters are not allowed because they distract children.” Do you find this to be a bit extreme or do you think Sara is doing the right thing in order to protect the children and the negative effects that television may impose upon them?

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