Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Readings Due 6/10


1. Is blogging hurting or helping the way in which teens are communicating? On one side it is good that they can express their feelings that they don't feel comfortable doing face to face with someone, but on the other hand they always have the choice to hide behind a screen instead of interacting with others which could cause probelms from them down the road.

2. Teens today are bloging to feel cool and a sense of belonging but what they don't understand is how public their blogs can be. Are blogs going to become a way for parents/teachers/employers to check what type of person they are? Could this have negative consequenes for them?


1. When the teens are asking the age/sex question through chat rooms, it is so common for people to lie to engage in the conversations they are looking for. Should there be some sort of block on these chat rooms so convicted sexual predators cannot log on?

2. With all the technological advances such as IM, blogs, chat rooms, text messaging, emailing, and social networking sites - How is the next generation of children who grow up with this form of technology going to interact with one another face to face? If they are overwhelmed with the option to "message" someone oposed to talk to their face, is anyone really going to TALK anymore?

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