Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Presentation of self on the web

1. Bortree listed five different strategies for self-presentation on the web: ingratiation, competence, intimidation, exemplification, and supplication. Knowing that most or all of us are on Facebook or MySpace, can you think of example of these strategies that you see daily that others use on the web? Do you think that it is all intentional or do you think that the use of some of these strategies is almost subconscious; think about your own profile and if the comments you make about yourself fit any of these?

2. Bortree also discusses the different relationship effects of the web. Do you think after reading his article that blogging for teens has more positive effects such as becoming close to your friends, or more negative effects such as cyber pest? Also is too much disclosure a bad or good thing, and does it really depend of who you are disclosing your information too? (your own friends might not like it)

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