Sunday, June 7, 2009

Readings for Wednesday 6/10

Bortree, Presentation of Self on the Web

1. After reading this article and realizing this researcher was reading their every word, isn't is almost scary to think that anything you type or put on the web can be viewed by almost anyone and interpreted in anyway they see fit? I understand the whole purpose of doing so, is for others to see, but what about those you don't want to have access to it?

2.) "One girl said, ‘I get to know peoples [sic] opinions and thoughts on things u [sic] usually wouldn’t hear.’ A number of the girls in the interviews said that they and their friends write aboutfeelings that they would not talk about otherwise" (9). Isn't it sad how these girls can't or don't feel comfortable sharing their feelings that their only escape is to share them by posting to a blog?

Clark, Dating on the Net

1.) On page nine, the author describes Elizabeth's encounter with an interested male: "...unwanted sexual advances were not only rebuffed but resulted in Elizabeth's creation of a potentially embarrassing situation for the boys they may have found themselves talking (or masturbating?) without an audience." Gross?!? Is anyone else somewhat disturbed by this whole online "relationships" interaction with impressionable, naiive teens?

2.) On page 10, the author describes how some girls lie about their physical appearance and Michael gives his personal insight on the topic. Does anyone else find it sad that these girls are lying about their physical appearance based on their low self esteem or a fear of rejection?

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