Thursday, June 11, 2009

Readings due 6/11


1. Do girls have shorter attention spans when it comes to gaming because girls are usually less competitive by nature?

2. Many of the interviewees stated that they never play games solo, because gaming is a social activity. Do you think they are telling the truth? For true gamers it can be an addiction, and they must play alone from time to time. Why do you think they lie about it?


1. According to the respondents reasons for reading tabloids, do you think they are so popular because they have something for every interest?

2. One respondent stated that tabloids, "your stories are short enough to keep interest and long enough to get the point across." Did Bird right this article with that statement in mind? The way she described each letter in a short, to the point, manor kept my attention much more than if the descriptions were extremely lengthy.

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