Monday, June 1, 2009

Machin--Chapter 5- How Good is Ethnography.....

1. Why are questionnaires considered to be poor on validity, and why is it better to sit in with a group while you are a conducting a research rathern than handing them a survey to answer?

2. What does it mean by looking at a piece of research as representative? According to Machin there is a certain way to make a piece of research representative, how can this be achieved and name the two different ways of creating this research.

3. If we consider Machin's idea of a cultural tool from Chapter 2 really representing how a society acts andd that it is more likely that we cannot remain objective during our research, because of the social norms that we too are used to. Then, according to Machin (and today's class discussion) what is the main criticism of ethnography?

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