Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just wanted to use this quote, because it was my favorite in the article, I have no question for it but I thought it was something to think about, it's both sad and happy.
"She likes stories with happy endings. She describes herself: I am a giver. I think the world is made up with two types of people, givers and takers. There are more takers than givers. I come from a family of takers, I've raised a family of takers. My husband is a taker so I decided to give so people can be happy." Great quote.....

Anyways...Back to tabloids...

I find it interesting how Bird says that men and women read and get different things from tabloids. For instance she says, men to to develop a sense of autonomy and an awareness of the importance of abstract principles, and women tend to produce an attitude that values interpersonal relationships and places most importance on how events effect people. From your gender, what do you find interesting in the magazines and how does that relate to what Bird was saying about specific genders finding specific things in tabloids to read?

2. Are you a tabloid reader, and would you find yourself among the lonely or the happy, does it affect how you connect to the tabloids, and why do you read the tabloids, is our society obssessed with so many other's lives specifically, what do you get from them. I am a tabloid reader, and I am and I guess I read them because I feel connected with the Hollywood, however that is so not the case, so then I ask myself and you why do I (you) read the tabloids, consider Bird's article when evaluating this.

3. Why do we associated ourselves with tabloids like the Enquirer, when we so clearly know that many of those stories are fake and completely inaccurate, is it a source of comedy, something to read, or actually really interesting, why???

4. Are tabloids solely directed a single genre, men vs. women, if you say women why do you think tabloids are so associated with them, or if you think specific tabloids are targeted towards men, again why? Is it more of a norm for a women to read a tabloid then a male, AND is that because this is how our society sees this?

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