Monday, June 8, 2009


1.) Can sheltering your child from television completely be just as harmful as letting children watch too much TV?

2.) How much does financial security with the parents/family impact television viewing/time spent with a child?

1.) Why do you think Jean was liberal with the amount/type of TV programs children watched at the daycare, but was very strict with the amount/type of TV programs her children watched at home?

2.) By being so strict with television viewing and not allowing the children to discuss a program or wear anything that advertises a show, does it hinder communication development of a child when they interact with peers?

1.) Does Barbie really have the power to make girls think of themselves as sex partners instead of mothers? Or does Barbie (and the different kinds, like Doctor Barbie) show girls that it is okay to have a career and not just be a mother?

2.) Why don't they communicate with the children to make the 'negatives' a positive instead of shutting out opposing ideas all together?

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