Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seiter Chapter 4

1.In chapter four, it seems Seiter had a much more difficult time hiding her opinions in this research. Do you think that while conducting a research it is better to be just a watcher of the group you are studying, or to convey your opinions along with the others in the study. In this study Seiter said that she felt comfortable talking about her ideas with the people she agreed with, but no so much with those had different ideas and opinions then she did. Can that harm the result of the research?

2.One participant in this study, Glen is very outspoken about the sell and use of fake guns. The idea that they even sell fake guns that look like machine gun make him upset. He connects the way media portrays violence also to the idea that consumerism is getting out of control. Do you think that the way the media portrays anything violence, clothes can impact whether or not a parent will buy it for their kid. Does the idea of consumerism really rely on the media, and are parents so afraid of tantrums these days that they give the kids what they want, fake guns and all? Are we really desensitized to violence because of the way the media portrays it?

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