Monday, June 1, 2009

Readings Due 6/2

Ch. 5

How do we develop triangulation? How can we step outside our own frame of thought to understand others from many different angles?

“We have to accept that all knowledge is embedded in the social world. It is always relative to a community of knowers.” This makes understanding culture and other people very sticky and difficult because everything we know is based on what other people know, so how can we ever know anything else?

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I think it is important to study the differences between class and culture as the author suggests because it is really the only thing we can see – especially because everything we know is based on the world we live in. It is easier to study the differences and very difficult to study and understand the social norms we take for granted, like, why don’t men watch soap operas?

“We cannot lose sight of the differences that exist between us and our subjects outside of our discussions about television.” I believe this is an important point to remember when we conduct our research. We know about Facebook from our own perspective, so if we are not good listeners, we won’t be able to understand how our subjects feel about Facebook. We need to pay attention to every detail of the interviews and try to uncover what the subjects’ motivations are, rather then conduct some sort or uber formal interview.

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