Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6/3 Readings


1.) Tracy proposes that music communicates pleasure as well as racial and gender identities. If one takes pleasure in a certain type of music that is outside of the dominant racial/gender identities of what that person "should" be listening to, why has it become such a criticism towards that person?

2.) How do you think this study would have differed if the age group/race/gender were different?

Press and Johnson-Yale

1.) Again, how would this study have differed if the race/gender/setting were different?

2.) In some instances, Michelle and the other ladies held off saying things as means to be polite, -like the younger college student making a comment and Michelle saying "oh, you think so?" only to drop the subject and continue her duties- Why do you think people sometimes choose NOT to engage in debate, when it is a good opportunity to learn different viewpoints? Why have we become a nation where confrontation is such a faux pas?

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