Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seiter Chapter 5

1.Seiter’s chapter 5 was a little difficult for me to read. When talking about the idea of Christianity in the home and the influence it has on what they watch, like an Episode of Roseanne, I didn’t understand how such content as masturbation or a lesbian in a bar could really commit someone to not watching the show anymore. Does the portrayal of sexual content truly impact whether someone watches a show or not, like it so clearly did in this research? Should we consider the fact it was a mother watching Roseanne? Had it been the father, would the reaction to sex in the show receive a different response? How big of a role does the fact that these women are highly Christian impact the way they understand and watch the shows that have sexual situations in their programs?

2.I think in this study it is essential to understand the role of fundamentalism. What does it mean, and what is different about it from charismaticism?

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