Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Menace II Society and Wrestling with the Web

Menace to Society

1. It is clear that the media plays a dominant role in Caryon's life but what do you think has a greater negative impact of Caryon's behavior and the choices he made in life? Is the media more to blame or is a lack of family, discipline, and stable home life the culprit?

2. Caryon aligns his life closely with those in the movie Menace II Society because he has experienced the life of a thug. He feels their pain because he has been there, he's done that; he understands it. However, would you agree that because life may have dealt him a bad hand, it does not necessarily mean that he has to continue down the road of reckless behavior? Do you think he unconsciously blames the media for his choices?

Wrestling with the Web

1. We talked about a sense of ownership during class discussion. How do Edwin and Andres claim a type of ownership in relation to wrestling?

2. On page 82, it says, "While the media panic about wrestling is always framed in terms of the promotion of violence, the boys who followed it most avidly were also the ones who never got in school fights, never pushed and shoved, never knocked chairs over?" What does this say then about children's perceptions of wrestling and how they are influenced by it?

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