Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gender Identity and Video Games

1.This was an interesting study. The thing that caught my eye in this research study was when she was talking about the girl Lorna, "Her description of gameplay also subtly realigns her with the women/less competent gamers in the room mimicking joe's instruction as quite
patronising "(p.131). This was quite funny to me, because it kind of shows how not only men can become competitive an know-it-all's when they play sports, but that women have a side that comes over them as well. My question is do you believe that gender truly decides on how one will interact with a game, or is it simply one's personality?

2. Considering Thornham's take on Gender preference towards gaming, think of the video games you play, or played as a kid, do you think they were gender neutral, or rather gender specific. Does gender preference altar how one perceives the game they are a shooting game for boys will a girl think it's dumb because it is targeted towards men?

3. Accordidng to Thornham what are the subgroups of their names and how is each group perceived?

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