Monday, June 15, 2009

Star Trek Fandom

I would be very curious to see how the author views the new Star Trek that is in theaters now. The opening scene involves a psychological problem that he suggests women look for in the media text. Are feminine audiences more satisfied with female characters in the new version of Star Trek?

Elana, when you wrote your book Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer did you find similar situations where feminine representations were left incomplete?

How is it that we can be completely captivated by drama that reveals true stories about human nature? Personally, I'm completely addicted to Weeds, Tru Blood, and Reno 911. I spent hours watching these dramas unfold as I feel I grow closer to the characters. I visit web sites about these thrilling dramas, and even subscribe to text message alerts to get even more involved. Why do we like getting so involved with our favorite shows?

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  1. Thanks for the question about the book I edited on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mitchell. Even though this show seems to fall into the sci fi/fantasy realm, it is seen by many viewers (and academic critics) to be very friendly toward women and very much about exploring women's issues and concerns. So in some ways it does something very different than Star Trek (at least the original ST). Yet there is still lots of fan activity and production around it. Maybe we can talk about why that might be, if we take Jenkins' argument to be true.