Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slash Writing: Smallville A Gay Clark Kent?

1. The article states, that "one needs to divide conceptions of queer spectatorship into two components: one, a way of seeing queerly and two, a person or group of persons who can be loosely grouped unter the heading of queer spectators." Is it that easy to divide the two? Why is it necessary to make that certain distinction? Do straight people see queerly?

2. How does the author describe seeing queerly, what do you think of seeing "queerly" in relation to television shows?

3. As someone who has watched the show Smallville, I don't distinctly remember sensual, sexual embraces and carresses by the two, so it makes me harder to understand the slash writings that are written about Clark and Lex's relationships. Do you think that slash writings are seens as relationships that women want their two male characters to have, they don't necessarily see them as gay, but rather they want a relationship developed but not between another girl?

4. What the heck is Hoyay? Not to let my opinion get in the way, but this was such a weird section of the paper, I guess I don't really understand Hoyay, is it just a queer expression in the relationship of slash magazines between two men? I read it but I guess I want a little more insight.

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