Sunday, June 7, 2009

Readings due Monday 6-8

Chapter 3
1.) Do you believe there is a correlation between the economic status and the women’s feelings on television?
2.) Why do you think Laura defended television when her husband was present, but later when the group was only women, she interrogated Lesley about her personal TV viewing choices?

Chapter 4
1.) Where do you think Sara’s distain for television came, especially while growing up and having such a positive remembrance of it in her childhood?
2.) There were three primary areas of harmful media effects that were discussed through Glen’s interview, are these an actual proven part of research or his own personal beliefs?

Chapter 5
1.) Disney was discussed in this chapter as a concern due to the supernaturalism, evil, and presence of the devil. Do you think this is a common theme through all children’s movies and cartoons?
2.) A few years ago, Barbie was all over the media because people were speaking out how it was giving young girls a complex on how to look and what was beautiful. The chapter speaks of how Barbie is not suitable for young children because she is not married and only portrays thoughts of sex while another parent says his children portray a married Barbie who goes to church. Is it possible that one doll can portray a different story and if so why or how?

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