Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Readings for Thursday 6/4

Seiter, "Wrestling with the web: Latino Fans and Symbolic Violence"

1.) When Hunter is interviewing the boys, in the beginning of the reading, the boys are insistant on the fact that wrestling originated in Mexico. Could this be an example of these boys, within this culture, showing a sense of ownership over this activity, like what we were talking about in class today?

2.) During the interview, Hunter and the kids are talking about wrestlers getting hurt and the kids are amazed at the fact how quick these "hurt" wrestlers get back into the action. Especially when they are talking about one wrestler still wrestling while hurt, they get super excited. Isn't it crazy how these kids glorify these wrestlers and put them on a predistal?

Means Coleman, "The Menace to Society copycat murder case and thug life: A reception study with a convicted criminal"

1.) Because this violent crime occured after they watched this violent movie, everyone is quick to blame the media. Then, How can you explain everyone else watching this same film and NOT commiting any violent actions or criminal acts?

2.) I agree with the point made about there being an overwhelming amount of violent movies having an african-american focus. Does anyone else agree that this only perpetuates stereotypes already present in society?

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