Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 4th Readings

Wrestling with the Web

I like this longitudinal ethnographic study of Latino boys and the WWF because it is a comprehensive and in-depth look at the children's involvement in media, however, I feel it may be lacking in some sort of qualitative testing data that proves this method of teaching the boys is beneficial.

"Writing was not so much an expression medium for individual souls as a tool for beings whose major concerns were not learning to write." When the author quotes Anne Hass Dyson, I believe he is saying the class curriculum, which was writing about wrestling, was about how the students use language to develop power and identity. Is this correct?

Thug Life

This study dives too far into the mind of a drug induced 12 year old. I cannot fathom how young Caryon "cannot help but focus on the thug, even as it castigates him." How did the researcher determine this, that his only personal representation in the media was the 'thug' role?

"Caryon was able to identify similarities between the self and stars' depiction of the thug lifestyle, or the thug lifestyle that some stars came to live. His close reading of stars/thug life helped Caryon to recognized differences, such as evolving masculine identities and desires (power and dominance) yet to be fulfilled." This is another place where I wonder how the researcher came to these conclusions. How intensive was the interviewing process?

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