Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Readings for Wednesday 6/3

Tracy, "Why don't you act your color?"

1.) For these young girls to have this perspective of 'acting your color' doesn't it make sense that this is a learned behavior and way of thinking based on exxamples within their environment and of their role models.

2.) Because these girls are young, their naiive way of thinking and viewing the world allows the researcher to tap into their true feelings and viewpoints. Isn't is sad how on page 3, Vanecia (half-white; half-black girl) discusses how "when I am with my mom's family, I feel different than when I am with my dad's family".

Press/Johnson-Yale, Women watching Opera in an African-American hair salon

1.) I found it very interesting yet sad about the statement made on page 10. "She found that while lower-class female audience memebers thought television was unrealistic in its portrayals of women with careers and families, they were generally more accepting of television as a whole compared to their middle-class counterparts". Anyone agree?

2.) Isn' it funny that how, on page 314, when Janelle is trying to seek coverage from Hurricane Katrina, she immediately turns on Oprah (not Cnn or any other news outlet)?

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