Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Readings Due 6/3

Women Watching Oprah -

1. This article described a very in depth ethnographic research study observing Oprah viewing in an African American hair salon. While much of the research was interesting and valid, wouldn't it be more valid if the same research was done in a mainly white salon?

2. The researcher made assumptions about how Janelle would go from conversation to the tv and back to the conversation. Isn't this what most people do while watching tv? Does this have anything to do with the hair salon environment or the media they were watching?

Why Don't you Act your Color?

1. Do these 9-11 year olds really know what they are accusing when they tell a classmate to act their color?

2. These children are so wrapped up in the lyrics of the music that they relate what they hear to their own relationships. What does this say about the media affect on young children and their view of sexual content?

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