Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ethnography in Hair Salon

1. In the reading on the bottom of page 310, the author discusses a further study of examining the way the political content of prime-time television could structure women talk about the moral in semi public settings,such as a living-room full of friends and acquaintances. This study found that women by their own accounts and examples, did engage in public talk about political and social issues, habitually and often in public settings. Do you agree with this statement from your own personal experiences with controversial topics being brought up in a public setting through the interaction of media? Also in considering this study, do you consider a living-room to be a public setting or do you think the studies result might be different if the women were placed in more of a public setting such as a restaurant or a bar?

2. After reading this article I would have to agree with their argument in that the media does have a impact of social and political conversation in a public setting. The media gives the entail topic of conversation and as to how far in depth we go is up to those in that particular setting. Can you think of any topics that are discussed on television that would be too personal or controversial for an audience in a public setting to discuss? Would that topic be different to discuss if the gender or the setting was altered?

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