Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Readings for 6/3

Press and Johnson
1. On page 317 of this reading, it talks about a young college female who had come into the salon. It went on to state that it was out of the ordinary for Janelle to be working on a college aged girl, and that there were tensions between their point of views. Do you think this is because of the age difference?

2. This article talks about Oprah, and her experience in Paris, in which she was turned away. Oprah believed this to be because of racism. Janelle seemed to really relate and sympathize with this story. Do you think the young college girl would have felt similar to Janelle about the story?


1. The “Central Girls” listened to particular types of music because they felt that they identified personally with the lyrics or rhythms. Has that changed since we were that age? Did you identify with a certain type of music at such a young age?

2. The young girls often use the expression, “acting Black.” Why do they use this expression? Doesn’t it contribute to stereotypical assumptions?

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