Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Readings Due 6-11-09

Thornham- Gaming, Gender & Geeks
1.) Thornham refers to this study as an ethnographic “investigation”, is this somehow different from the other ethnographic research we have read about?
2.) The article discussed ‘normal’ and ‘geek’ players, but what about people like Sara who admitted to playing, but was accused of never having played a game, or Bob who swears he never plays alone, but roommates and friends said he does? Are there categories that these people fall into?
3.) Along with the last question, what do you think the reason is for lying about how often or with whom someone plays with?

Bird- Gendered Readings
1.) When explaining the differences between why men and women read tabloids, the article stated, “women use the tabloids to negotiate their personal world””, what exactly does that mean?
2.) It is mentioned that tabloids are not gender specific in whom their audience is, however I have always felt that it was less accepted by our society for males to read them. Do you agree with this?

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