Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teenage Girls Weblogs

1. On page 34, one of the girls in the study said, "...teenagers tend to blog because they are trying to put out this image that they are cool. I for one, don't really care about how people online see me. They are my thoughts, and what I have accomplished the day or weekend prior. If people want to take my thoughts and judge me on them, that's their decision." I understand her point of view and that there truly is a conflict of presenting self to two audiences (friends and strangers) however, do you think that teenage girls are suited to deal with the consequences that may surface should another user have conflicts with what the author has posted? Would it be better for the blogger to post more personal/private information in a journal instead of an online journal?

2. There were 5 strategies for self-presentation listed in the reading? What are they and what are the 3 strategies used by teens in order to gain acceptance in the larger context of acquaintances? How are the use of these strategies exemplified in their blogs?

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