Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chapter 5

1. There seems to be a contradictions within these fundamentalist women about what exactly is okay and what is for sure not okay for children to watch. For example the issue one woman had about magic on Barney being negative but the magic on the Sward and the Stone to be cute. Where do you think these women draw the line at for being considered wrong or right when it comes to these contradictions of media representations? Can you think of any other media representations other then magic that these women might have contradictions about? (ex: variations of love)

2. The author talks about how many of these women found that they could gain more respectability when being involved in their church and their involvement would be considered more prestigious then other jobs they would qualify for outside of church. Do you think that this high level of respectability has caused these women to view their parenting restrictions of the media and teaching activities to be better then the other parents? This in the end causing them to be bias to any other parenting/teaching ideas other then theirs?

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