Monday, June 8, 2009

Daycare and Media

In Chapter 3, is the researcher suggesting that including males in a focus group taints the validity of the comments made by respondents because the attempts to dominate the discussion?

It was interesting to find how much media studies have benefited women’s voices. It seems that most media studies prefer to separate men and women when studying different topics because there are major differences when the group is made up of men and women. Researchers suggest a focus group consisting of all women is much more credible then when a male is added to the mix. Researchers have given women a voice in the media because of this type of research.

In Chapter 4, the research topic is about children media audiences. Some preschools do not allow any discourse or expression of media in school because it hinders the child’s development. I don’t necessarily agree, however, it is an interesting approach to raising children. Is there any empirical evidence that shows how much children are influenced by media that the teachers use to prove this is the best method in raising children.

Is there a national standard on day care? Are there standards on how much television and media are allowed in classroom discourse?

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