Sunday, June 7, 2009

readings for 6/8

Ch. 3

1. When Laura feels that the elimination of television from her child's life will be beneficial for them. I feel that this idea is near to impossible to accomplish. Will sheltering a child from such a popular form of media actually be beneficial? Or will it lead to ignorance?

2. Laura openly expressed her distaste in using the television as a babysitter. Others did admit to often using the tv as a babysitter. The others may have taken offense. Do you feel that this would influence the outcome of the discussion? I feel that others would be less likely to express their true experiences with television amongst the group.

Ch. 4
1. Furnham addresses the fact that certain problems can occur during interviews, such as bias, and untruthfulness. In an attempt to avoid this, She opened the interview by stating her own theories of media effects. Do you think this is effective in diminishing bias and untruthful answers from the subjects?

2. The reading talks about jobs that are mostly filled by females, and that they feel that prestige makes up for low compensation. Do you agree with this idea?

Ch. 5
1. In this reading, it states that out of the evangical movement has grown contemporary Christian fundamentalism. What is Christian fundamentalism exactly?

2. When the modern day Ken is being described as homosexual due to the clothes that he wears. Do you find this to be ignorant? How do you think the media has effected the way that this popular toy is dressed and represented? What message is the toy trying to convey to children?

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