Sunday, June 7, 2009

Readings for Thursday 6/11

Thornham, It's a Boy Thing

1.) On page 7, the author inputs different quotes from women from different households. They all describe how gaming is a 'boy thing' and is more considered acceptable for males. Why is there this gendered stereotype of gaming? If a girl wants to and enjoys playing videogames why does there have to be negative connotations associated with this action?

2.) On page 10, the author described the males' actions while playing the game, such as jumping around and hugging those who were near. Isn't it crazy how some people get so into these games that they actually get so excited they are jumping around and almost can't even control their actions?

Bird, Gendered Readings

1.) On page 10, one man described his motive for reading tabloids to "keep his mind working-reading is the best way to keep your mind active." Doesn't it seem like a cop-out? I think he was somewhat shy on the notion that he enjoys reading tabloids and didn't want to be considered a "gossip", because to "keep his mind working and active" doesn't mean he has to read tabloids. He could read anything (book, newspaper, ect) to accomplish this need.

2.) Isn't is funny how these people are so embarrassed of being judged as "gossipers" because they enjoy to read tabloids, that they even skirt around or embelesh their true reasons for doing so?

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