Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tabloids & Video Games


"Gossip facilitates audience participation and feelings of closeness with both the stars and the characters they portray." Does this mean that celebrities feel closer to their audience through news stories. Also, do readers feel closer to the stars because of the tabloids, even though they know most of it is false?

Do people bond with one another over celebrity gossip? Yesterday we learned that people develop relationships by telling stories about themselves, so is this 'closeness' just artificial?

Video Games

Are girls conditioned to not like video games?

Do boys not want girls to play video games, or do girls not like playing video games with boys?

What does the author mean when he states, "masculinity continues to be performed within such set, rigid, and confining parameters." Is this why homosexuals get ridiculed so often- boys just trying to perform masculinity?

"These comments not only suggest that genre or gaming claims seem primarily integration techniques; they also suggest that the normative gaming subjectivity is socially and culturally defined as a predominantly masculine one." Culture has defined gaming as masculine, is this because the video games are produced mostly by males, or they are mostly marketed toward males?

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