Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A whole bunch of questions | Online dating & Blogging

Why do people, more specifically, act more aggressive on the Internet?
Why do boys express sexuality textually more then women?
Does it matter that people lie about their looks on the Internet?
If teens don’t plan on meeting in person, why do they lie about their looks?
Is there a problem with this self-objectivity?
Would people still lie if they planned on meeting?
If “Girls feel empowered through the power of self-presentation” does this translate to modeling and pornography?
If the teen boys know the girls lie about their looks on the Internet, why do they ask?
If “the Internet allows for more egalitarian exchange freed from most of the restraint of peer approval” then does this apply to Myspace and Facebook?
What are some socially accepted versions of yourselves?
Is lying about your looks, or your online social presence identity voyeurism or self-discovery?
What is so attractive about the amenity of the Internet?
Why are teens so frightened of homosexuality? Or being called a homosexual?
Are teen chat rooms preventing teen pregnancy & std transmission?
Are teen chat rooms really harmless? (minus creepy online stalkers)
Are teenagers growing up faster because they have more media to experience autonomy?
What is the ‘pure’ relationship the author refers to?
What are the teens getting in return from online dating? (self-gratification)
How are they achieving self-gratification through online dating?
How have relationships changed from the past?
Does mystery equal fun in online dating?
Is online dating selfish?
Is online dating really egalitarian as the author suggests?
Does online dating really remove denial?
Will non-commitment of online dating have long term effects on this generation?

Is blogging a valid means to express one’s identity?
Why do you suppose most blogs are written by girls?
What are the dangers of self-expression through blogging?
How do people balance interpersonal communication and mass communication through blogging?

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