Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seiter pp 11-16
1. According to the text what is the Uses and Gratifications model and how does it differ from cultural studies?
2. As discussed in class and in the text where does ethnographic research stem from and in what mass communications tradition was when ethnographic research first used?

Seiter pp 21-24

3. In the text pages 21-24 that had to be read, Morley conducted a research, In Family Television, on the ways men and women watch television. In the study women thought the men were extremely talkative while watching television and the women tended to watch more t.v. and controlled what was watched, while the men thought their wives and daughters didn’t talk enough, and the husbands watched less t.v. and had less say in what was watched. True or False? This detailed research can be described as an active research, true or false?

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