Sunday, May 31, 2009

Questions for Machin Chapter 2 and 15 Due 5/31/09

Chapter 2 Questions's

1. What does the Machin's term ethnographic gaze mean, and what tool kit does he connect this with? Describe that specific tool kit, and that actions we create with it.

2. In this chapter Machin talks about a sociology called ethnomethodolgy. This describes how we use the cultural tool kit. Who created this approach, and what experiment did he have his students do. How does ethnomethodology help us understand our cultural tool kit?

Chapter 15 Question's

1. Right away in Machin's chapter 15, he gives us an example of of a research technique that wouldn't be possible, what is that technique, and why, does Machin say it wouldn't work as a great project?

2. After reading the research question paragraphs we are given an example on how to conduct a hypothesis. This idea about conducting a research on how women respond to advertising and then creating a hypothisis, that images become an important resource for the way that young women like to think about themselves really helped to understand the hypothesis theory. What happens, according to Machin if you do not use a hypothes. Do you like the hypothesis theory or the inductive approach?

3. When you are doing a research and you are doing a study of people, understanding their settings is very important and to be a part of those settings is equally important, but in order to conduct a true research, what must you obtain from those you are studying to truly understand your settings? And why is this so important to receiving information? Do you agree that a proper research can only be conducted under these circumstance, if so why then do some researches partake in undergoing different identities?

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