Sunday, May 31, 2009

Machin--Chapter 11--Using the Internet

Chapter 11 Question's

1This specific chapter relates to doing an a study on Trinidadians and how they use internet. The idea that the internet is such a widespread thing, got me to thinking, along with the research that Miller and Slater conducted that internet isn't used the same everywhere. The United States alone is an example of that, some use it for gaming, some for talking to relatives in another country, business, entertainment, news.etc. When thinking of the internet what do you specifically use it for? Think about how in accordance with the study that Miller and Slater created that the internet was seen as accepted immediately, was the American culture apprehensive at first, or like the Trinidadians did we accept just a fast and used it without thinking of future consequences, as in facebook and putting up photos ie?

2. Why according to this chapter, did the Trinidadians accept the internet so fast? The internet impacted the Trinidadian culture almost immediately, for what uses did people, middle class lower and upper class use this for, and even the government? This widespread use of the internet seemed to strengthen bonds between dispersed Trinidadian families, true or false?

3. Do you agree that the websites you visit can link you as the type of person you are, like in the Chapter, someone who visits Nike website can help describe that person, perhaps as sporty? Does technology so infinately describe us as a person, or even as a generation?

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