Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chapters 2 and 15

Chapter 2

1. On page 38, Machin notes that we are unconscious of our cultural framework meaning that we cannot rely on peopleto offer explanations for why they do things. What might be some implications of this for researchers conducting an ethnographic study? For example, how would my group go about researching why 'tweens' are "sexting" at such a frightening rate?

2. What did Polanyi argue in terms of society being unconscious of our cultural framework and what two observations did he make in accordance with this? How do Machin's examples of European art films and Hollywood movies support this observation?

Chapter 15
1. "Ethnography does not provide a transparent window on the world" (pg. 169). What does this
mean and what specific steps must be followed in carrying out an ethnographic study?

2. What kinds of problems are associated with carrying out an ethnographic study and what must a researcher be mindful of in terms of finding respondents and recording data?

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